A Jon Raffoul Dance Photography & Freda Silk Collaboration

Beautifully designed skirts to suit your taste and budget...

  • Oceana

    OCEANA is named for the azure sea. The skirt has a delicate, soft colour palette, made from layers of pale blue and golden sand iridescent chiffon, cut to float and flow like waves.

  • Sacramento

    SACRAMENTO The ruined church of St Dunstans in the City of London, destroyed in the Blitz and left in ruins for the next 25 years, is now a stunning spot for an atmospheric photoshoot, where trees grow through windows and vines wind themselves around walls.

  • Heritage

    HERITAGE The historic city of York is rich with culture and tradition so this skirt needed to have an elegant, vintage feel. Drawing on the “New Look” created by Dior in the 1950s with a narrow waist and full skirt, the skirts are made from a wonderful soft satin charmeuse fabric. The lace overlay is a work of art with intricate gold, blue and peach embroidery.

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